Infinity H.I.M. services address critical areas of business growth.

Cost reduction is a key factor in enhancing profits and growth. Infinity HIM is a significantly more cost-effective method of addressing coding needs for medical facilities. Our model gives us infinite flexibility to meet increased demand or shift resources in times of decreased demand without affecting our bottom line cost. This allows the medical facility to reduce their costs for coding services and often to redeploy employee assets to more profitable engagements within the facility.

Accurate-Consistent-Expeditious The ACE in the hole of Infinity HIM coding services also enhance the bottom line profits. Improving these aspects of the coding process in any medical facility inevitably results in improved billing and collection from insurance companies.

Insights and Innovation are essential to evolving the practice of medicine. They are equally important in the effective and efficient administration of a medical facility. Medical staff rarely have the time or the inclination to stay on the cutting edge of the administrative details of the industry. Infinity HIM allows the dedicated medical professionals to stay focused on medicine, by keeping a critical administrative function operating at the highest possible level.